This is a rare opportunity to acquire a highly-valued domain name that can be used by an existing or planned relocation company. It offers the opportunity to place high in the search engines due to important keywords. Possible uses:

It will be sold to the highest bidder as of 31 July, 2012, midnight Central European Summer Time (CEST)*.

Please send your bids to The reserve price is 1000. Bids may not be sent anonymously, but the accepted buyer may remain anonymous.

Bids received will be reflected here. The current bid is: 1450

Upon acceptance of the highest bidder, we will transfer the domain to the registrar you appoint, upon payment of the amount bid.

* The seller reserves the right to sell to whichever party it chooses irrespective of bids received. Bids do not create a legal obligation upon the seller or the bidder, but merely an expression of willingness to enter into a legal agreement..